about nicole

Born in Beirut , I begun my artistic career in 1998 under  the supervision of the artist painter Fouad Tomb.
I studied the essential techniques of classical painting & drawing  by reproducing the great artist masters until 2001.
I have been since held multiple exhibitions every year in Lebanon, the Gulf and North America.


I taught drawing & painting at atelier “ARTS & RENAISSANCE “.

I also Worked as a technical consultant at the company “ABELLA FRERES “ where I promoted “LUKAS “ & “ LE SENNELIER “ products.


My style is figurative, a focus on close-ups. My brush moves slowly towards a certain style of abstract where the subject loses its interest in shapes and the succession of shapes while giving the light its importance.
Colors for me are a state of mind which changes daily, depending on a strong feeling that overwhelms me and pushes me to select a specific color.
I handle many techniques from pastels to acrylic with a preference to oil. I also developed and taught many innovative such as:

  • Combining photos and paintings in one artwork.
  •  Introducing upholstery through a collection of cushions and LXV chairs.